Step 1

Review the material furnished to you by DFB. Make a management commitment to have a drug-free workplace.


Step 2

Begin developing your policy/procedures using samples provided. Consult with Drug Free Business for recommendations.


Step 3

Notify your employees that a policy is in development.

If applicable, collectively bargain with your union representatives or employee association regarding your drug prevention policy and drug testing.  Request their cooperation and support. Drug testing is a mandatory subject of collective bargaining if you have a union contract.


Step 4

Call us (425-488-9755) to initiate Drug Testing Services and optional Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Consortium services through Drug Free Business.

Drug Free Business Drug Testing Services

·         You will receive a letter from Drug Free Business within a few days to designate a drug/alcohol testing collection site(s) convenient to your location.

·         If you choose, or are required to do random testing, Drug Free Business will set up a random selection service at this time. Drug Free Business will send you a supply of Drug Testing Custody and Control Forms (requisition forms) with your company name and account number pre-printed.

·         You should visit the collection site(s) to be familiar with procedures, operating hours, location, etc.

·         You are billed by Drug Free Business only for drug/alcohol tests performed

Drug Free Business Employee Assistance Program Consortium optional
(Fully Effective Employees)

·         You will receive an annual invoice from Fully Effective Employees for EAP services.

·         Free Supervisors' Training sessions and Employee Orientation sessions are available as web-based training. Certificates are issued on completion. On-site supervisors training may be scheduled for an additional fee, call Drug Free Business for details.

·         A representative from Fully Effective Employees will contact you to set up set up your EAP account. Employees will receive wallet cards with 1-800 number, brochures, information on substance abuse and how to access services, etc.


Step 5

Finalize your written policy.

Some of your employees may be subject to the Department of Transportation mandated drug and alcohol testing regulations, e.g. commercial drivers. Please contact Drug Free Business for a special attachment to the company policy and/or additional assistance.

If you have multiple-state locations contact Drug Free Business for a review of the various state laws in these locations. There should be no problems in the majority of the states, but we may have to modify your policy in a few states for you to be in compliance.

Because substance abuse prevention and drug/alcohol testing programs involve the risk of legal liability when conducted improperly or in violation of laws, employers are advised to consult with legal counsel as necessary and appropriate.


Step 6

Notify your employees of the implementation of your Drug-Free Workplace Program. Deliver notification letter (with policy and procedure attached) to each employee. We will furnish templates.

Obtain signed receipt (attached to last page of policy/procedures; see example) for policy/procedures from each employee and applicant. Retain these receipts in personnel files.

Publicize your program through newsletters, posters, paycheck inserts, etc. Post "We are a Drug-Free Workplace ... drug testing is a condition of employment." signs.


Step 7

Start pre-employment drug testing of applicants, after offer of employment is made.


Step 8

Test current employees per policy. If your current employees were previously not subject to drug testing, allow 30-60 days after notification before testing any current employees.


Step 9

Drug Free Business remains available for your entire program needs. Use us as a resource and consultant throughout your implementation process and after your program is in place.