1. Because you don't want to become headline news: First let's think about the reason you do random testing. Random tests make it far more likely you will root out at risk employees who use drugs or abuse alcohol before your company becomes a headline news story.

2. Because you don't want employees to relax their standards: Relaxing these rules may also relax your employees own inclinations to stay drug-free, since they are less likely to be called in for a random drug or alcohol test.

3. Because you do business in a state where pot is legal: DOT regulations are based on national statistics, these calculations do not take into account local trends in your own community such as the legalization of marijuana in Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska or medical marijuana in other states.

4. Because alcohol abuse + marijuana use increases fatalities: THC in combination with alcohol abuse makes it 8 times more likely a fatal accident will occur.

5. Because meth and heroin are making a comeback: One unintended consequence of legalization means drug traffickers now focus their efforts on other more profitable illegal products. There are now more potent and cheaper supplies of methamphetamine and heroin readily available. Both meth and heroin overdoses have spiked, up 58% in the Northwest due to the cheap and abundant supply.

6. Because marijuana will get you higher now: THC is far more potent than it was in the past. Back in 1995 the average potency was 4%, today it's between 12 - 15% and increasing every year.

7. Because hash oil is also making a comeback: Used with e-cigarettes and edibles, hash oil THC potency starts at 35%, with some edibles as "high" as 80% potency, easily available in legal pot stores.

8. Because what you transport is precious: Think about what you transport. What is the price of human life? Even one accident for a school bus driver, transit driver or any commercial driver is one too many.

9. Because you care about your employees: What is the cost to morale of your company and workers if even one employee has a serious accident? Employees like knowing their company cares about their safety.

10. Because you care about the bottom line: While doing fewer tests may seem to cost less, in the long run, it may cost much more if you have increased accidents, injuries or tickets. Higher insurance premiums and/or workers compensation rates can easily outweigh the costs of a few extra drug and alcohol tests.


For all of the reasons above and many more, we would suggest you revisit both your DOT and NON-DOT random testing rates. While employers are only required to test at the minimum, like many other choices in life, you do not have to settle for "just the minimum". You do have a choice and maybe the right choice is to test more often. Contact us for more information on how to upgrade your random test rates.