Drug Free Business is a program administrator and Trust administrator for various industry-wide drug testing programs. These programs are sometimes referred to “clean-card” or “drug-free card” drug testing programs and are most popular in the construction industry, especially for union or bargaining agreement employers, and/or in a project labor agreement.

We provide complete management of these programs, including Trust Agreement management – and at a cost far lower than our competitors – as inexpensive as $.03/hour assessment..!!

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Typically, Clean Card programs include the following elements:

  • Industry wide Policy and Administrative Guide
  • Baseline drug testing at start of program
  • Random testing at industry best-practices rate – typically 50% or 100% per year
  • Optional “wellness benefit check” paid to workers who successfully pass random tests
  • Post-accident and Reasonable-Suspicion drug and alcohol testing
  • Reasonable-suspicion training for supervisors (on-line)
  • Employee Assistance Program for union members and their families
  • Speedy return-to-duty procedures after failing a test, then a managed return-to-duty test and follow-up testing to ensure compliance and discourage relapse
  • EAP provides counseling follow-up for two years if worker tests positive

These programs may be sponsored by a construction industry association, a building trades union, or in a partnership by both. We also help and partner with other service agents to provide these services. Call us to discuss the possibilities.

Want to learn more? Below is the Designated Employer Representative (DER) training program for one of the
"clean card" programs we administer.