December 2022 Newsletter

Whale Watching

2022 we had a whale of a good time of providing you, our family of clients with our services this year. These pictures are from our most recent company event, whale-watching provided by one of our clients, Puget Sound Express!

Seeing these beautiful creatures in our gorgeous Northwest waters while sharing time with coworkers was one of our best Christmas events ever.

DOT DER question of the month:

What is the MIS report and what do I need to do as a Designated Employer Representative (DER) to be in compliance with DOT regulations?

The DOT Management Information Systems (MIS) report records all DOT drug and alcohol tests that were done by a company or consortium during the past year and these reports along with other factors help determine the next year’s DOT random testing rates.

If you have your own company pool, then as DER you’ll need to prepare your MIS report for 2022 and you’ll have until March 15th, 2023 to do it and/or file it. Once you prepare it, keep it in a safe place and have it available for DOT review for at least 5 years.

It’s easy! To prepare your report, log in to your DFB results portal, click on the Report link and select MIS to prepare the report for you. All drug and alcohol tests that were selected, administered and reported to you by Drug Free Business for the past year-to-date will be in that report.

For Federal Motor Carriers (FMCSA) and Federal Transit (FTA) DOT your random drug test rate should be at least 50% of the average number of employees in your testing pool and 10% for alcohol tests.

Now is the time to check to make sure you will meet that goal by the end of 2022.

If you are part of our Owner/Operator or Small Business Consortium (C-TPA) with other companies, your C-TPA is responsible for producing the annual MIS report and can provide you with a copy, if needed.

Employers who have 1,000 or more FMCSA DOT drivers are required to electronically file an MIS report by March 15, 2023 to the DOT.

FMCSA employers who have under 1,000 employees OR owner/operators may be randomly selected to provide the MIS report to the DOT.

If selected, DOT expects 100% compliance and will fine you if you fail to enter your MIS report by March 15, 2023.

Most DOT agencies including FMCSA, FRA, FTA, FAA, PHMSA and US Coastguard allow you to file the MIS report electronically on-line now.

Ever wonder how much or how little alcohol it takes before you are considered impaired?

It all depends on what sex you are, your weight, the type of alcohol you drink, how long since your last drink and if you are taking any medications and/or legal substances that would affect your ability to drive.

Our best advice is to designate a non-drinking driver or use an UBER, but here’s a tool that can help you know approximately how impaired you can be by alcohol. Click here to learn more.

Happy Holidays

from our work family to yours!


Thank-you for trusting us with your business, your kind reviews, your referrals and social shares!

Effective January 6th, 2023, the Federal Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse is 3 years old. As an employer, you will now be able to do be able to do your 3-year pre-hire drug and alcohol background query exclusively on-line for CDL drivers who fall under FMCSA at the above website. You will still need to have an employee consent before doing your pre-hire query.
Reminder: Don’t forget to do your annual FMCSA employee queries and complete all DOT random selections before the last business day (Friday, Dec 30th) of this year. If you have questions, please contact our Random Selections Department (800-598-3437).

May your holiday and your heart be full of happy memories of family and friends being together.

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