Coping with Back-To-School Anxiety During COVID-19

The pandemic has increased the stress levels for many families with the start of the new school year. As students return to school, they may face unique challenges such as: rusty social skills; fear of failure if they are worried they fell behind last year; anxiety about getting sick and possibly spreading COVID, and worrying about potential interruptions to their school year or extracurricular activities. Some students may also be dealing with grief if they’ve lost loved ones due to COVID or another illness. Ways to help your child cope with back-to-school anxiety include: validating and listening to any concerns they may have about going back to school and focusing on what they can control, such as hand washing, wearing a mask, and how they treat fellow students and their teachers. Encourage healthy eating, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep; establish routines, and support hobbies your child enjoys. As a parent, you should also care for yourself by taking time to unwind each day, connecting with supportive family, friends, and community, and also paying attention to your physical health. To talk confidentially with a professional counselor, call:                         Fully Effective Employees: 425-454-3003, 800-648-5834,, Login: r999, Password: feeeap