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A. What is an EAP?
A PERSONAL and CONFIDENTIAL service provided to employees and their
family members by their employer.
History: EAPs have been in existence for over 25 years because employers have
begun to realize that personal problems can interfere with job performance.
EAPs have successfully helped employers reduce benefit costs, keep valuable
employees on the job, increase overall productivity and morale.

B. Who are we?
FEE: Fully Effective Employees is a private company which has provided EAP
service to employees and their families in the Puget Sound Area for over 30
years. We are an external program, which means we are not employees of your
company, but contract with your company to provide this service. We receive a
flat rate per employee per year, so we do not get paid by the number of
employees we talk with or per number of times we have contact with an
employee. You are free to use the service as often as you like. We are available
to you as employees, your family members and significant others.
Our counselors are trained Masters degreed mental health counselors and/or
Certified Chemical Dependency specialists with years of counseling experience.

C. What kind of problems does the EAP deal with?
Alcohol/Drug, Family, Marital, Emotional, Job Related Stress, Parenting Issues,
Aging Parents, and Legal and Financial Referrals. Admitting to having “problems”
and seeking help when problems become overwhelming, is a sign of strength. It
is much better to address a concern early before it becomes a serious problem.
Personal stress can often become job stress. Alcohol and drug problems often
become work, family and marital problems.

D. How does the EAP work?
Any employee or family member who wishes to use the service may call our
Seattle number, 425-454-3003, or 1-800-648-5834 24 hours a day, seven days
a week. From the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday, a counselor will be
available to take your call or return it promptly if he or she is on another line. After
hours, a “duty counselor” will be paged and your call will be returned as soon as

E. What happens when I call?

  1. ASSESSMENT- the counselor will meet with you in person at a time and
    location that works well for you (our offices are in the downtown Seattle
    area) with convenient access to the freeway and free parking. Or, you can
    talk on the phone at a time convenient to you. As part of the
    ASSESSMENT, the counselor will determine the depth of the problem
    and begin to help you formulate an action plan.
  2. PLAN – Together with the EAP counselor, you will develop a PLAN.
    Sometime all a person may need is a conversation with a counselor to put
    things in perspective or head in a certain direction. The EAP counselor
    may call to follow up with you within a prearranged time period. Other
    times a person may need a referral to a self-help group, community
    resource, therapist, treatment center or resource list of reading materials.
  3. REFERRAL – If you need longer term counseling, you will be referred to a
    counselor in your area. We will try to match up your insurance benefits or
    find someone on a sliding fee scale so it is affordable. The EAP service is
    provided at no cost to you. Ongoing counseling is your financial
    responsibility. We have hundreds of resources in the Puget Sound area
    as well as nationally, and we make an effort to match up an appropriate
    resource for your needs.
    We do not get any money or benefit from referring you to any particular
    resource. We are not affiliated with any health insurance program,
    managed care system or a particular group of providers or counselors.
    When the referral is made, we usually contact the referral source to share
    a little information about you and your situation (with your permission).
    This ensures that the referral source or counselor is able to see you and
    that it is an appropriate match. You will be given the counselor’s name
    and phone number and you are free to make your own appointment.
    What you discuss with your counselor is confidential, unless you pose a
    risk to yourself or someone else, you have a positive drug test, or you are
    a supervisory referral and are not following through with treatment
  4. FOLLOW UP – Your EAP counselor will contact you after the referral to
    ensure that you are getting the best care possible and that you are
    receiving help in resolving your problems.
    In most cases, you will only have one EAP counselor who will talk with
    you from the beginning, help you develop a plan, refer you for help and
    follow up on your progress.
    All of our counselors are employees of FEE, we do not farm out services
    to other counselors, who may be good counselors, but not know a lot
    about the issues facing employees or employers. In addition, we do not
    refer to ourselves for ongoing counseling, in order to prevent a “conflict of
    interest” and to ensure that you are getting a specialist in the area you
    need, if you require ongoing counseling.