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Director of Transportation & Fleet Safety

I have a passion for the transportation industry, and for keeping our drivers and the motoring public safe.  In my 30 years in the industry, I have a proven track record of reducing crashes, workman’s compensation claims, near hits and misses and CSA scores wherever I have been employed. I am a recognized expert in the federal courts regarding transportation and transportation safety.

Professional Experience

Owner / Primary Operator

25/7 Mobile Drug and Alcohol Collections LLC       Vaughn, WA               05/2017 to Present

  • Go to different employers’ places of business and collect Urine Samples, breath alcohol and saliva samples for testing in accordance with CFR Part 40 and 382.
  • Develop new drug and alcohol policies, review current policies and revise and requested by employers / entities
  • Provide training for employers regarding reasonable suspicion for drug and alcohol use /abuse recognition when requested

Owner / Safety Consultant and Compliance Manager

Safety 101 LLC                                                          Vaughn, WA               05/2018 to Present

  • Perform civilian version of FMCSA audits to evaluate the state of safety and compliance for different FMCSA employers and entities with fleets (both for-hire and private)
  • Develop, train and implement new policies where required to help various companies become both safe and compliant
  • Develop training for companies where needed to drive down both personnel and vehicle crash rates
  • Develop or enhance existing Drug and Alcohol policies and training as requested by employers
  • Develop, train and implement various policies and training, as well as operational procedures for Electronic Logging Devices
  • Train personnel on how to properly select (recruit and hire) and onboard new CDL drivers, both experienced and new to the industry through an effective orientation process as well as how to develop and maintain proper Driver Qualification File
  • Train companies how to have a safe, efficient and compliant vehicle maintenance program
  • Train managers and drivers proper load securement for all types of trucks
  • Assist employers in evaluating their processes for efficiencies and opportunities to be more profitable

Director of Transportation & Fleet Safety

Oldcastle Precast / Oldcastle Building Products

Auburn, WA

05/2005 – 11/2017

  • Developed, implemented, monitored and measured policies and initiatives
  • Assisted 65 locations with operations and operational process improvements, overall reduction of costs and variances within the operation
  • Supported our Legal Dept. with lawsuits and risk exposures through thorough investigative processes, documentation and technical expertise with regulations, etc.
  • Monitored fleet for replacement of power units and trailing units (up to 800 power units)
  • Oversaw vehicle maintenance spend and compliance
  • Supervised compliance with regulatory issues, Driver Qualification files, Hours of Service & Telematics issues (up to 750 drivers, 800 power units)
  • Developed, implemented and administered Drug and Alcohol testing (primary DER) for both FMCSA and non-FMCSA employees (up to 3800 employees)
  • Provided support for locations across the country, oversee Transportation Managers with regard to operations, compliance, personnel and legal issues
  • Directed response and investigated all crashes from start of the incident to conclusion
  • Monitored and directed the use of some 250+ contracted carrier companies, in addition to keeping them in compliance with company policy regarding pre-hire vetting and use
  • Negotiated contracts with contract carriers and freight and consequential damage claims
  • Developed and implemented driver training both in written form and electronically on our Learning Management System. Measure results and adjust training process accordingly
  • Created and implemented vehicle maintenance program and recordkeeping. Track results, adjust and revise as necessary
  • Created policy and training regarding Electronic Logging Devices, chose an ELD vendor, negotiate contract terms and implement the devices.
  • Developed and trained on different types of Job Safety Analysis
  • Designed, implemented and trained on Lock Out Tag Out procedures
  • Assisted with different types of Confined Space Entries
  • Assisted with training on routine and non-routine tasks
  • Supported development, training and implementation of Five S practices

Director of Safety

Smokey Point Distributing

Arlington, WA

08/2000 – 05/2005

  • Developed, implement and monitor all policies and initiatives
  • Accountable for hiring, driver’s safety programs, driver raises and discipline
  • Responsible for safety of shop personnel and yard operations, meeting OSHA and ANSI Standards and development and implementation of safety policies for same
  • Monitored vehicle maintenance compliance and hours of service
  • Developed and maintained Driver Qualification files
  • Directly handled Drug and Alcohol testing (primary DER for SPD)
  • Oversaw all legal issues for company
  • Involved in HR functions
  • Handled all Workmen’s Compensations claims
  • Responsible for developing and implementing driver training
  • Accountable for directly handling all Worker Comp claims from beginning to end
  • Developed and trained on different types of Job Safety Analysis
  • Created, implemented and trained on Lock Out Tag Out procedures
  • Implemented the use of PPE
  • Assisted with development, training and implementation of Five S practices

Additional employment: Operations Mgr. / Director of Safety

Specialized Transport

Puyallup, WA

08/1996 – 08/2000


Summit Training / OSHA

  • March 2018 OSHA 10 for Construction

National Private Truck Council

  • February 2016 Certified Transportation Professional Designation

Substance Abuse Program Administrators Certification Commission

  • September 2015 Certified Drug and Alcohol Program Administrator for Motor Carriers

North American Transportation Management Institute

  • 2005 Certified Director of Safety Designation

Tri-State Semi Driver Training

  • – Sept. 1989 Truck Driving School Graduate

University of Illinois at Champaign

  • 1986 Law for Police Certification for State of Illinois


  • US ARMY – Jun 1980 – 1984     Honorably Discharged


Recognized expert witness in the US Federal Courts on Transportation and Transportation Safety

Washington Trucking Associations Safety Professional of the Year for 2016