New for Contractors: Drug Testing Options synopsis

New Options for Contractors

Drug Testing Program Options
-(Plan A) This is the existing Northwest Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association (NWCCA) Drug-Free Card
Program with optional and voluntary participation by employers since 1999. Plan A includes random
testing, employee assistance services (EAP) and access to shared worker program.
This program requires that each participating employer check on the status of each new employees being
hired to make sure he or she is “in good standing” in the program, i.e. he/she has passed a preemployment test,
has been subject to random testing, and has not failed or refused a drug test.

• Starting on March 1, 2015 Drug Free Business will directly invoice NWCCA for the drug and
alcohol testing performed and Employee Assistance (EAP) fees instead of directly to the
individual participating employers.

-(Plan B) is a simplified version of Plan A which will include pre-employment, post-accident and
reasonable-suspicion drug and alcohol testing. Random testing is not part of this program nor will
participating employers and employees have access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
Employers participating in Plan B will not have access to Plan A’s existing secure online web GERTRD
program to check if a worker is “ok to work” or “not ok to work”.

• Starting on March 1, 2015 Drug Free Business will directly invoice NWCCA for the drug and
alcohol testing performed.

Employers that are already in our drug testing program under the original program (Plan A) do not
need to do anything. Billing will be automatically sent to NWCCA beginning March 1, 2015.

Employers that wish to participate in either plan may do so by filling out the signup form provided or
on our website

To qualify for Plan B, participating employers must have a written drug testing policy in place and
require at a minimum, pre-employment drug testing for all safety-sensitive positions when
required by general contractor. Drug Free Business (DFB) will provide assistance with policy
recommendations and templates upon request to new contactors/employers.

DFB will provide quarterly supervisor and manager training sessions at no extra cost. This is a live, two hour training program delivered by
Webinar to your desktop. The purpose is to teach (non-D.O.T.) supervisors and managers to determine
when a worker’s behavior and/or appearance provides reasonable suspicion that the worker has violated
the company’s drug testing policy. What triggers a reasonable suspicion test? Signs and symptoms of
drug or alcohol abuse, confronting the worker, the Five Steps in making a reasonable suspicion
determination will all be covered. What to do after the test. What documentation is recommended.

DER (Designated Employer Representative) training.
Introduction to the GERTRD drug and alcohol testing online management system: A short
video demonstration for Designated Employer Representatives (DER)
GERTRD Demo (scroll to the bottom of page)