SNAP – Appeals Procedures adopted 10-24-06

COMMITTEE PROCEDURES (Adopted by the Trustees on 10-24-06)

The Northwest Sheet Metal Labor Management Cooperation Trust (“SNAP
Trust”) through its Trustees and in accordance with Article IV, Section 1 of the Trust
Agreement and Declaration of Trust established an Appeals Committee. The Appeals
Committee shall hear all complaints about operation of the SNAP Trust’s programs,
where the complaint raises an issue about the application of an established SNAP Trust
program or procedure.

Any complaint raised by a participating employee or employer that only seeks
clarification of an existing procedure shall be handled informally by the Appeals
Committee acting through a conference call of its members.

Where a participating employee within 60 days of being apprised or learning of
an action by the Trustees or their agent that he is dissatisfied with or otherwise
adversely affected by requests a hearing in writing as provided for in Article VIII of the
Trust Agreement and Declaration of Trust, the following procedures shall be followed:.

1. The Appeals Committee or its agent shall notify the employee in writing of
the hearing date and location and provide him with copies of these
procedures and the Trust Agreement and Declaration of Trust.

2. As set forth in the Trust Agreement and Declaration of Trust the
participating employee shall be entitled to present his position and
evidence in support thereof at the hearing. The participating employee
may be represented at such hearing by an attorney or by any other
representative of his choosing.

3. The Appeals Committee shall obtain all information it deems relevant to
matters at issue from the SNAP Trust or its program administrator, Sheet
Metal Workers, Local 66, any participating employer or any other source.
All such evidence shall be available at the hearing.

4. Following the hearing, the Appeals Committee will provide a written
recommended decision (unless deadlocked), affirming, modifying or
setting aside the action complained of, or where appropriate, a proposed
resolution, to the Board of Trustees for their consideration at their next
meeting. If the Appeals Committee is deadlocked, they shall report that
fact to the Board of Trustees in writing. The complaining participating
employee shall be provided a copy of the recommended decision or report
of deadlock before the Board of Trustees meeting. If the complaining
participating employee was not present at the hearing, he shall also be
provided with copies of all evidence considered by the Appeals

5. The Board of Trustees shall issue a written decision to the complaining
participating employee following their consideration of the Appeals
Committee’s recommended decision or report of deadlock, along with a
notice of the employee’s right of appeal under Article VIII of the Trust
Agreement and Declaration of Trust.