SNAP – What Happens When You Test Positive – Chart – PDF

What Happens When You Test Positive

You are being referred to Fully Effective Employees, employee assistance program (EAP) as part of the Sheet Metal Northwest Anti-Drug Program (SNAP) requirement when you test positive for drugs or alcohol.

  • When you call the EAP at 425-454-3003 or 800-648-5834, the counselor will have a conversation with you and screen for a substance abuse problem. If the EAP counselor feels you have no significant problem, you will be required to pass another drug test before returning to work. This drug test must be obtained through the SNAP program and any other test will not be considered a return to work test. You may be required to participate in an educational program along with the return to work test.
  • If the counselor believes you may have a problem, you will be referred for a second opinion assessment at a state-licensed treatment agency. At this point, you will be required to sign a release of information between the treatment counselor from the treatment agency and the EAP in order for the EAP counselor to coordinate your treatment plan and return to work.
  • If treatment is indicated, you will be referred to a state-licensed treatment agency and you will be required to begin treatment and have a negative drug test through the SNAP program before returning to work. A drug test as part of your assessment or treatment at the treatment agency will not be considered a return-to-work drug test. You are not required to obtain treatment at the same agency where you completed the assessment.
  • You will be given a choice of resources. The time frame to complete assessments and begin treatment will vary from one treatment agency to another. The EAP is not responsible for the actions of any treatment agency and has no business relationships with any agency. Your compliance with the process may also determine how quickly you can return to work. If you have large levels of drugs in your system, it may take some time for your test to become negative.
  • Once you have returned to work, you must continue to participate in the recommended treatment. Should you fail to continue participation, you are considered out-of-compliance and may be pulled from the job and unable to return to work until in compliance with treatment again.
  • The EAP counselor will monitor your compliance with treatment and continue to provide support to you after treatment.