SNAP – Trustee Promotional Letter – Implementation of Our Drug-Free Workplace Program

Implementation of Our Drug-Free Workplace Program
Date: June 1, 2005

Sheet Metal Workers Local #66 and SMACNA – Western Washington are pleased to announce the
establishment and implementation of the Sheet Metal Northwest Anti-Drug Program (SNAP) – a comprehensive
drug-free workplace program for the union sheet metal industry in Western Washington.
Together, we are committed to protecting the safety, health and well-being of sheet metal workers and all
people who come into contact with them on worksites and property and/or use the products and services

We recognize that drug and alcohol abuse poses a direct and significant threat to this goal, and to the goal of a
productive and efficient working environment in which all employees have an opportunity to reach their full
potential. Thus, SNAP has been developed and adopted to establish certainty and control in all program
components – so that application and administration will be predictable, consistent and equitable for all of our
affected workers.

The foundation of our program is to offer a helping hand to our employees who suffer from drug and alcohol
problems while clearly communicating that the abuse of drugs and alcohol can not be tolerated in this day and
age. We have contracted with an employee assistance program (EAP) to help our participating employees and
their families access the appropriate services to help them deal with drug and alcohol problems before these
problems affect their employment status.

We are proud to state that our program contains substantial safeguards to protect employee’s individual rights
and to assure the accuracy and integrity of the program. Participation and testing is required of all bargaining
unit members and non-bargaining employees (including owners) who meet specified definitions. Baseline tests
for all affected employees were conducted in April, 2005. Beginning June 1, 2005, all participating job
applicants are being tested and participating employees are subject to reasonable suspicion, post-accident,
follow-up/post treatment and computer lottery testing on a monthly basis.

The SNAP Administrative Guide and other important information are available online For additional information, you may contact our program administrator, Drug Free Business via email at or via phone at (800) 598-3437.

It is important that we all work together to establish and maintain a work environment free from the effects of
drug and alcohol abuse.

SNAP Trustees