What Contractors need to know and do to get started with the Sheet Metal SNAP Drug Testing Program – A Quick Guide

What Contractors need to know and do to get started with the
Sheet Metal SNAP Drug Testing Program – A Quick Guide

1. Go to the Web and become familiar with the SNAP web portal,
snap.drugfreebusines.org. All written program material and access to program
features is available from this site. If you have any questions or need help, (or are an
Out of Area Contractor) just call Drug Free Business, the program administrator at
800-598-3437 or snap@drugfrebussiness.org. Their job is to make this easy for you.

2. Decide who needs to be in this program. All Local #66 workers covered by the
collective bargaining agreement with SMACNA – Western Washington, the Inland
Northwest Sheet Metal Contractors Association agreement for SE Washington-NE
Oregon, Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho and agreements with Bellingham
area contractors must be in the program, as well as non-bargaining employees as
defined on page 5 of the Administrative Guide. You will be charged $100 for each nonbargaining employee in the program – subsequent years are $65 for each participating
non-bargaining employee.

3. Decide who will be your Designated Employer Representative (DER) and backupDER. The DER receives the confidential test results on a day-by-day basis and
receives the confidential list of those chosen for random testing each month. You
should choose someone you have complete confidence in to handle sensitive matters
for the company. The DER(s) must also participate in drug testing.

4. Go to the SNAP web portal, snap.drugfreebusiness.org, to register your DER(s) and
non-bargaining employees. The link is just below the SNAP logo – “Western WA
Contractors – PLEASE REGISTER!” By registering your DER(s), you have registered
your company in the SNAP program. Your DER(s) will receive a confidential password
that allows them to check the “Status – OK/NOT ok to Work?” and “Random Selection
Lists” links also just below the SNAP logo.

5. All workers required to be in this program (and who have not previously been tested
under the SNAP program) must successfully complete a baseline drug test. You can
find out if your workers are “O.K. to Work” on the web site by entering their individual
Social Security Numbers. If the response is “The SSN you entered is not valid. Please
check the number and try again.” it means that we don’t have a baseline test result for
this person – so he/she needs to go to a collection site for a test. If the response is
“NOT O.K. to Work” have the worker contact Drug Free Business to resolve the issue.

6. How do you get a worker tested? Each time a worker needs a drug test your DER
must give the worker a SNAP Test Authorization form which is also available on the
SNAP web portal under Shared Documents. The left border of the SNAP Web Portal
also has links to Snap Collection Site Maps and Collection Site Lists. We recommend
you use the PACLAB/PAML and LabCorp collection site lists. If you want to use a
Quest Lab list site, you must furnish your worker with an additional preprinted multipart Quest drug testing form available from Drug Free Business.

7. Your DER should receive all drug test results from the Medical Review Officer (MRO)
the next working day after collection.

8. Bargaining unit workers should go to the collection site on their own time, because the
SNAP program issues a wellness benefit check for $35 each time they pass a
baseline or random drug test. The checks are issued once a month and mailed directly
to the worker’s home.

9. Each time you hire or rehire a worker it is your responsibility, through the DER, to run
an “O.K. to Work?” inquiry through the web portal. Local #66 does not have the
authority or ability to make these inquiries for you.

10. On the first working day of each month your DER(s) will receive an email notifying him
if anyone listed at your company has been chosen by computer for a random test
during that month. Your DER can then go to the “Random Selection Lists” link just
below the SNAP logo on the SNAP web portal and print out the confidential list of
random selections and individual notices.

11. The DER can choose any date during the month to notify any or all of the selected
workers, but all testing must be completed before the end of the month. The
notification must be unanticipated by the randomly selected workers. Once notified
that he has been randomly selected, the worker must report to a collection site and
complete the process within 24 hours.