How an EAP Program Can Help Your Company

An Employee assistance program (EAP Program) can promote healthier and more productive workers. The global pandemic, inflation, and world events have pushed Americans’ stress to alarming levels, according to recent polls conducted for the American Psychological Association. When employees are preoccupied with these and personal issues such as drugs, alcohol, money, relationship or work problems, it can impact their behavior and job performance and negatively affect the work environment. Utilizing an EAP can give your employees the support they need to handle their personal and professional lives without jeopardizing their employment. This benefits both your employees and your business.

Drug Free Business’ EAP partner is Fully Effective Employees, Inc., an independently owned and operated EAP based in Bellevue, WA.  

Here are some of the ways an EAP Program such as Fully Effective Employees can help your business:

• Decrease absenteeism and accidents and save your business money: Because personal problems often cause employees to take time off from work, the EAP can help reduce absenteeism. EAPs have also been shown to help reduce accidents, workers compensation claims and the number of labor disputes, and greatly reduce medical costs by early identification and treatment of mental health and substance use issues. Helping employees resolve personal issues before they have serious consequences makes good financial sense.

• Provide employees access to help: Many people today go without the mental health services they need because they can’t afford them. By having an EAP, you are helping your employees by providing them with access to services that they may not otherwise have. Employees who feel that their employer cares about their well-being are often more engaged with and loyal to their workplace, which in turn helps with employee retention.

EAP Program

Provide management support: An EAP also benefits your business by supporting you and your other managers. With an emphasis on supervisor assistance, Fully Effective Employees provides management/supervisor consultations regarding performance problems and workplace issues, and staff counselors deal directly with both the manager and the employee. They can help train your supervisors to identify troubled employees and how to provide referrals to the EAP. They can help you with managing employees with positive drug tests, keeping you out of the middle and leaving you to run your business.


An EAP is not only a great resource for employees and managers, but also increases your bottom line. Call us for more information and a free consultation on how they can help you and your employees. Their website is at Contact Drug Free Business to learn more.

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