Maritime DOT Drug Testing Programs

Whether you are a commercial processing boat in the Northern Bering Sea, a pleasure boat, commercial sports fishing guide or ferry or private boat for hire, DFB provides the services you need to be in compliance with US Coastguard drug test regulations.

Benefits of Using DFB

DFB located in the Seattle WA area provides drug and alcohol testing services for many of our Maritime Employers in the area. We can do the same for you and provide test sites anywhere within the US. We also provide DOT collector training for mariners who collect drug test specimens when at sea.

FAQs & Resources

An employer is defined as an Marine Employer: A marine employer is anyone, including the self-employed, who will be one of more of the following: 

(a) Owner, 

(b) Managing operator, 

(c) Charterer, 

(d) Agent, 

(e) Master, or 

(f) A person in charge of a vessel, other than a recreational vessel (remember that a bass boat, when used for a passenger for hire situation, is no longer a recreational vessel, it is a commercial vessel).

Anyone charged with the operation of the vessel including lookouts and those who are charged with safety sensitive duties.

Safety Sensitive Duties: Include but are not limited to;

(a) Directing and mustering passengers in emergencies

(b) Passing out lifejackets

(c) Controlling and operating lifesaving equipment

(d) Controlling and operating fire fighting equipment.

Safety Sensitive Position: Is any position (billet) aboard a vessel that requires the person filling that position to perform one or more safety sensitive duties or operation of a vessel on either a routine or emergency only basis. Examples of this type of crew member may include card dealers, bartenders, game operators and service personnel aboard excursion or gaming vessels. Any person filling a safety sensitive position is subject to U.S. Coast Guard drug and alcohol testing. All crew members, that are responsible for the safe handling of passengers, are considered to be filling safety sensitive positions as well.

Prior to being issued a mariner’s license you will be tested as well as any renewals of licenses. You’ll also be subject to testing prior to being hired, randomly by your employer or if self-employed, you’ll need to join a C-TPA (Consortium) like Drug Free Business for random selections.  You can also be tested if there’s a serious marine incident or for reasonable suspicion if drug or alcohol abuse is suspected by your employer.

This must be reported to the US Coastguard and your license may be permanently revoked unless you seek out a SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) and participate in a follow-up treatment program which can include the following elements: random follow-up drug testing (minimum 12), education and treatment, participation in self-help groups like NA (Narcotics Anonymous) or AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). 

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Drug Free Business provides a company with everything it needs to achieve a comprehensive drug-free workplace program, and/or comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated testing regulations, including; substance abuse policy development, supervisor training, drug and alcohol testing, convenient collection sites, random selection services, FCRA compliant background screening, and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s). We administer nationwide corporate accounts also. We have long-term relationships with several of the largest SAMHSA Certified Laboratory systems and will establish testing and collection accounts that are the most convenient and cost-effective for you.

Drug Free Business has three in-house Certified Medical Review Officers (MRO) for review of all drug testing performed. We also offer these MRO services as a stand-alone service to other third-party administrators and individual employers. Because we are a non-profit corporation with sophisticated, unique online data management systems (GERTRD), we can offer superior services at costs much lower than other providers. We have access to thousands of drug testing collection sites nationwide. Our in-house collection facility in Bothell, WA is open 7-4 M-F. We also have in-house mobile collectors serving the Puget Sound region. Collection Site Locator

Our Mission

is to help employers, regardless of size, establish and maintain drug-free workplaces for the benefit of their owners, employees, families, and the communities where they do business.

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