NWCCA - NW Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association Drug-Free Card Programs

Welcome to the home page for the NWCCA – Northwest Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association (NWCAA) Drug-Free Card Program.  If you need assistance, please contact clientservice@drugfreebusiness.org.  Email is by far the cleanest way to request support here.  If you need to call, our phone number is 425.488.9755.  Please reference that you need help with the Wall & Ceiling Contractors Drug-Free Card program. 

If you are a Designated Employer Representative you can find out if a worker is O.K. to Work by clicking on the green ROSTER MANAGEMENT-DRUG TEST RESULTS button on the top right of this screen. Random selections are located there also.

Order additional Custody & Control Forms (CCF – drug testing forms)  online. 

Industry Solutions

New Options for Contractors

Plan A: This is the existing Northwest Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association (NWCCA) Drug-Free Card Program with optional and voluntary participation by employers since 1999. Plan A includes random testing, employee assistance services (EAP) and access to shared worker program.

Plan B: This is a simplified version of Plan A which will include pre-employment, post-accident, and reasonable-suspicion drug and alcohol testing.

A synopsis of these options and “sign up” forms are found in the document list below.

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