October 2022 Newsletter

Trick or Treat?

Cannabis infused products can look just like candy. This is especially dangerous for children who might mistake it for the real thing. Most ER visits for cannabis poisoning are for children under the age 18. Click on the picture above to learn more.

One pill can kill. Illegal Fentanyl is now being found in all kinds of drugs including cocaine, methamphetamine and especially counterfeit pain pills. Learn more by clicking on the picture above.
Did you know over 107,000 people died last year as a result of pill poisoning? Most of these pills are found in medicine cabinets of friends or family.
Do your part by participating in the DEA Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, Saturday Oct 29th.
Find a location to drop off medications here.

New! On-Demand Training is now here!

Did you know you can access DOT Supervisor Training on-line at Drug-Free Business at any time?
This 12-lesson plan meets DOT requirements and can be done on your own schedule. It is easily to find under Resources on the Drug Free Business dashboard where you get your drug test results. It’s free and part of your membership. Not yet a DFB member? Sign up here.
It’s nearly the end of the year and 4th quarter Randoms DOT randoms are coming up.
Now is a very good time to review your employee rosters for accuracy and verify if all random selections have been completed and are up to date.
It’s sometimes difficult to coordinate random selections when employees are taking time off during the holidays, so now is the time to plan ahead!
Use our easy on-line tools on your Drug Free Business report dashboard to:
1. Add or subtract an employee from your random roster.
2. Verify all random selections have been completed.
3. Run custom reports on your random selections.
For assistance, contact us.

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