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Drug-Free Card Programs


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Statement on I-502 (Marijuana Initiative)

Administrative Guide Revised 1-1-2018 (PDF)

Administrative Guide Revised 1-1-2018 (Word Doc)

Administrative Guide - Spanish translation (PDF) 271KB - large

Last Chance Agreement (Word Doc)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Information for All Employees (Word Doc)

What Happens When You Test Positive? (Word Doc)


New for Contractors: Drug Testing Options synopsis

New for Contractors: Plan A sign-up form

New for Contractors: Plan B sign-up form


Industry Solutions

New Options for Contractors

Plan A: This is the existing Northwest Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association (NWCCA) Drug-Free Card Program with optional and voluntary participation by employers since 1999. Plan A includes random testing, employee assistance services (EAP) and access to shared worker program.


Plan B: This is a simplified version of Plan A which will include pre-employment, post-accident and reasonable-suspicion drug and alcohol testing.


A synopsis of these options and "sign up" forms are found at the bottom of the document list above.


Statement on I-502 (marijuana initiative)

Passage of I-502 which went into effect on December 6, 2012, does not affect this drug testing program in any way. The use of marijuana is still prohibited by the program’s policy which applies to employers and employees. If you test positive for THC (marijuana) you will be immediately placed on “Not O.K. to Work” status and referred to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).


For additional information, or to print a notice for distribution, please download the "Statement on I-502" document from Wall &  Ceiling Contractors Drug-Free Card Program: Drug Testing Committee.