If you plan on using a video projector to show a webinar to many persons...or have several watch the same monitor...

Many employers have asked if they can use a video projector to present our training webinars to a group of supervisors or employees at the same time – or have two or more watch the same computer monitor. Yes, you can, but there are some limitations.

We can only issue Certificates of Completion to those we can confirm actually attended, stayed for the full length of the training, and participated in the quiz, i.e. those who registered through the on-line webinar system, and individually logged on using the unique link that was sent to you at your unique email address. This allows us to track your attendance, participation in quizzes, etc.

However, you or anyone else that registers and attends the training can certify that others also attended. For example, a short memo for your file similar to this stating:

This memo is to certify that on (date) , ___(name)___attended a two and one-half hour on-line webinar training program titled DOT/FMCSA Supervisor Training – Reasonable Suspicion* sponsored by Drug Free Business.
Signed: __________________________

Then place a copy in the supervisor’s training or personnel file.  DOT regulations require that employers maintain records related to the education and training of supervisors (and employees) while the individual performs the functions which require the training and for two years after ceasing to perform those functions. So, a “Certificate of Training” is not needed – but the employer must document the training. 

Of course, if you want to make up a more ornate certificate, there is no reason you can’t.

This example above is for the *Supervisor Training: Reasonable Suspicion but you can and should modify this information for any of the training programs that DFB offers if you plan on having multiple persons attend with just one on-line registration.

Remember, for risk management, it is very important that you document attendance at all training programs.

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