What is a DOT MIS Report?

  1. What isDepartment of Transportation Drug & Alcohol MIS ReportThis report is a summary of all DOT drug and alcohol tests for employers who are required to comply with DOT regulations within a given year. The database is required for each employer in each mode of transportation including FMCSA (including owner/operators), FTA, FRA, FAA, PHMSA and US Coastguard.
  2. What information is required to be included in the MIS Report? (a) The total number of drug and alcohol tests by the type of substance tested. Drugs that are tested include cannabis, amphetamines, opioids, cocaine and PCP. (b) The number of positive drug and alcohol test results by type of substance tested and reason for the test. (c) The reason for the drug or alcohol test, such as preemployment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion or cause, return-to-duty, or follow-up, and (d) The number of individuals who refused testing and the type of refusal (i.e. adulterate, substitute, refusal to submit to an exam or recollection when so ordered by the Medical Review Officer (MRO), or another type of refusal).

  3. Who is required to electronically file an MIS Drug and Alcohol Report? If you are a large enough employer, you may be required to electronically submit your MIS report each year to the appropriate agency by March 15th, 2024, for the previous year of 2023. Smaller employers (less than 50 employees for PHMSA, for example) may not have to automatically submit their report; however, they still need to have their paperwork ready to electronically submit if randomly selected to submit their MIS form or otherwise face fines and penalties starting at $1,000 per day. To know for sure, whether you are required to automatically submit your MIS report, please refer to the DOT agency or agencies that regulates your company and sign up for the announcements from that agency. Click on the link(s) that apply to your company for specific instructions on how to file your report. PHMSAFMCSAFAAFTAUS Coastguard and FRA.
  4. What’s new this year for 2024, regarding DOT MIS Reports? This year, unlike previous years where you could submit a paper copy via mail or fax, each employer submitting the MIS report will need to create a unique sign in through the government website. What this means, is that while C-TPA’s may be able to help you gather information you need for your annual test statistics, they will not be able to submit this report for you on your behalf, if you are requested to submit a report.
  5. Where do you get the DOT MIS Drug and Alcohol form and how do you fill it out? Again, go to the specific agency you are regulated under for the specific MIS instructions (as above) and if you need help or have additional questions, go to this link for a list of the DOT agencies who can help you.

Keep in mind, Drug Free Business is also here for our clients to help guide you through the steps needed to properly prepare and/or submit your DOT MIS report. We are just a phone call 800-598-3437 or a click away!

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